Parricide On The Pampa?

AUTOR(A) Edna Aizenberg
NOMBRE DEL ARCHIVO Parricide On The Pampa?.pdf
FECHA 2015

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Parricide on the Pampa? presents a radical rereading of Alberto Gerchunoff’s classic immigrant saga, Los gauchos judíos (1910; The Jewish Gauchos). This collection of stories about the early twentieth-century agricultural colonies founded by persecuted Eastern European Jews on the pampa has been both praised and damned –praised as Argentine Jewry’s citizenship papers and damned as a sellout to Argentine xenophobia.


Aizenberg, Edna. Parricide on the Pampa? A New Study and Translation of Alberto Gerchunoffs "Los gauchos judíos" by Jan Mennell Emerson, Caryl, ed. Critical Essays on Mikhail Bakhtin by Michael Barry Finney, Gail. Christa Wolf by Stephen Brockmann Hoeg, Jerry. Science, Technology, and Latin American Narrative in the Twentieth Century and Beyond by Paul Fallon Mendez-Ramirez, Hugo. Neruda's ...

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