Graphis Advertising Annual 2009

AUTOR(A) Martin Pedersen
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FECHA 2009

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Graphis Advertising Annual 2009 spotlights the year's best print advertisements from New York to New Delhi. In this edition, Adrian Pulfer and Lynn Dangel of Dangel Advertising explain the latest, logo-driven Crate and Barrel campaign, Jay Marsen and Alexei Beltrone of DeVito/Verdi, a hot new Manhattan agency, answer questions about their unique Legal Sea Foods mock-newspaper ads, and Jim Prior of The Partners discusses the inspiration behind a groundbreaking outdoor exhibition for The National Gallery. The 2009 Annual features over 300 full-color, Graphis Gold and Platinum winning advertisements from top agencies like TM Advertising, Percept H Pvt. Ltd., The Martin Agency, MacClaren McCann, Bates David Enterprise, The Richards Group, and Team One.


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Advertising Age's Annual 2009, published Dec. 29, 2008, offers top-line industry data. On this page, you will find links to deeper data, including Ad Age's marketer, media and agency databases.